Dove V3 5 inch FPV Racing Frame

FPVZONE - Frames Dove V3 5 Inch FPV Racing Frame

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Dove V3 5"

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What has been upgraded in V3?

1. Bottom and Upper plates are changed to 3mm.

2. 4-hole Motor screw lock on the arms.

3. The angle between the front and rear arms is 80 degrees.


- Super lightweight ( airframe weighs 77.4g only)

- Chamfered & 45°cut 3K carbon makes the frame extra strong 

- Super durable 5mm thick Arms 

- Popular Stretch X configuration

- 20*20,30.5*30.5 mount holes for all flight controllers

- Compact & easy repairing design 


- Frame wheelbase: 218mm

- Frame weight: 77.4g approx

- Standoff Height: 28mm

- 5mm Arm thickness,8mm width,1.5mm vertical side plates

- The distance between vertical side plates: 19mm

- The distance between the top and upper plates: 28mm

- 2mm top, 3mm upper & 3mm bottom plate

- Mounting Holes: 20*20,30.5*30.5mm